A picture of François Vaux

Hi, I'm François Vaux!

I build software from the ground up using cool technologies and I love tinkering with computers in general.

My current dream stack is made up of JavaScript (with React, Next.JS and fastify), a solid data layer like PostgreSQL (maybe with Prisma to query it) and all of this orchestrated with Docker containers. My IDE is Vim and I manage source code with Git(Hub|Lab).

I'm currently working at eShard as a lead front-end developer. I build UIs and APIs for mobile and embedded security tools.

I also write short tech-focused articles, do Open Source stuff, paint miniatures, enjoy headbanging to some extreme metal and sometimes I even tweet.

If you wanna get in touch, just replace the first dot by an @ in this domain name to get my email address. If you want to see my more details about my technical background and my past professional endeavours, go check out my LinkedIn profile.